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Tutorials,Lessons,Techniques with Elizabeth (Lisa) Reoch

In my Oil, Acrylic and Watercolor painting tutorials I record where I find inspiration, preliminary sketches and then move into different forms and ideas. I present my own finished piece of artwork as inspiration.

E_REOCH (2)Elizabeth Reoch-McNair (Lisa)

I am a graduate of the University of Waterloo with a degree in Studio Art and a Bachelor of Education from Brock University. As well as a member of the Beaconsfield Artist Association. I have been an Elementary Art and Language Arts Teacher and Pre-school Educator in both Ontario and Quebec, Canada. I am currently focusing on my Art and my family in Montreal.

What I am Working on Now

What I am Working on Now

I want to give the viewer of my Art the feeling of the process and an understanding of how paintings come together. As a teacher I want to teach to art enthusiasts who want to learn how to paint.

Lesson plans, tutorials and painting tips and techniques are designed to teach to students and novice painters. The basic equipment artists need are outlined as well as various painting techniques artists use to create successful paintings. I have included the principals of art and design in lessons and tutorials to encourage artistic development.


  1. hello I am a student reporter from RH king academy, I was wondering if you would allow me to interview you for my school newspaper on a current art movement.

  2. I received a watercolours kit for christmas 2014. What? Me paint pictures? Never in my life……so I signed up for a community wc class to colour-up the winter drearies (and it was less than a block from my home). I now forego housework and other life responsibilities (just those of the tedium/humdrum/boredom type) to paint, think about painting, read about and research painting and art. I “do” watercolours but am jazzed about how they work, all about colour, composition, inspiration along with the howzits and whozits of it all. Today I found you, Elizabeth Reoch, artist and teacher. Thank you for sharing this delightful collection of enriching info-nuggets. I read it all, and am saving the tutorials for as soon as I complete the color mixing chart of all my paint colours. I may not be doing any vacuuming or dusting today. Regards!

    • It makes me happy to know my tutorials gave you the practical information you needed. I try to think of the questions I have been asked by students and put the answers out on the internet. It surprises me how little practical painting advice is available and I wanted to give teachers who are struggling to teach their art classes a resource, as well as for novices like yourself who just want to know which brushes to use and how to mix colours.
      Thanks for the feedback

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