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Art Lesson Plans

Art Lesson Plans:

Lesson #1     Art Lesson Plans – Splatter Painting – Abstract Expressionism

Lesson # 2   Art Lesson Plans – Abstract Drawing – Geometric Abstraction

Lesson #3  Art Lesson Plans – Pop Art

Lesson #4  Art Lesson Plans – The Scream

Lesson #5 Art Lesson Plans – Aboriginal Dot Art

Preschool Craft Ideas

#1 Eric Carle Preschool Craft Ideas

#2 Fall Craft Ideas

#3 Halloween Craft Ideas

Art History Movements – Definitions and Examples for Lesson Plans

Pop Art Lesson

Geometric Abstraction Art Lesson

Abstract Expression Art Lesson

Expressionism Art Lesson

Abstract Realism Art Lesson


Teaching art to young students helped me to develop a clear step by step process for my own projects. If I did not describe and outline each step of my art lessons to my students I would find myself exhausted at the end of class from answering questions. Verbalizing things such as how to create texture and perspective and where to begin a project definitely has helped me to identify the steps that I myself will take when doing my own paintings.

Art Lesson Plan Resourse Book

Kids believe that they can create anything they choose to create and are ready to try as long as they know where to begin and what to do next. I had students recreate Van Gogh paintings and attempt many different styles of art outside their comforts zone.

This “Blue Jay” painting is this student’s first painting. We talked about this painting throughout each step from the beginning sketch to the mixing of colours. I was asked questions but not allowed to see the painting in progress. The idea of mixing light, medium and dark shades of the same colour to give depth and perspective to her painting was the best advice I could give when not actually seeing the work. I was truly surprised and impressed when I was delivered the final painting which was done on a wooden tray.

Art lesson plans

Art lesson plans

The “I have a Dream” mural was designed for Black History month by an art club student from Gordon Graydon Senior Public School. We were looking at many different styles of art and at different visual artists. She used plains of colour and shades to create perspective from the influence of Paul Cézanne (1839–1906).  She was also influenced by Surrealism for the overall theme. Surrealist works feature the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and dream like qualities.


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