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Buttercup – Digital Art

In Buttercup – Digital Art painting I used watercolor as well as acrylic painting techniques. New programs have opened up digital art to traditional painters because they are easier to manipulate and full of options. These programs can mimic brush techniques resembling real brush marks as a result giving the artist the ability to be expressive in digital art. I used an acrylic technique on the flower petals by dabbing solid colours on top of an under painting. I used watercolor technique on the leaves with smearing and layering light colours on top of each other.

This Buttercup painting was created with the free trial version of SketchBook for Windows 10. The different brush sizes help to control the digital ink and the smudge “webbrush” blends and moves the ink. The full colour wheel and the gradation scale allows for a rich colour pallet in the painting.

Buttercup - Digital Art

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