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May 10, 2017
by Elizabeth
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Street Scenes – Digital Art

Street Scenes – Digital Art Digital prints, greeting cards, iphone cases and skins, mugs, t-shirts

I am working on a new series “Street Scenes – Digital Art ” for a t-shirt collection. These two paintings are scenes from Montreal. I took into consideration that the paintings were going to be printed on white t-shirts. So the sides of the paintings were edged off and blurred to enable a more organic position of the image on the t-shirt. I will add the t-shirt logo later positioning it at an angle.

Spring in Montreal 2017

Street Scenes - Digital Art, Montreal, rain, Street Scenes - Digital Art

I put a lot of focus on the girl with the umbrella, using hyper detail on the umbrella and the flared out jacket. She is further emphasized with the white street line under her feet which clearly indicates the painting’s focus. The background is blurred, with gesture drawings to represent other pedestrians and their movement.

Montreal Street Scene in The Snow

Montreal Street Scene, Snow, Street Scenes - Digital Art

There is more detail throughout this painting because I wanted to have multiple areas of interest. The Bus is a character as well as the two girls chatting as they walk down the street. The overall winter street atmosphere in Montreal is depicted which is a city that does not stop for a snowstorm.

My Collection – Digital Art

As I continue to explore with new digital design programs I find that I am able to achieve more detail and depth. I am able to create layers of paint as I would with my oil paintings with more details then I could hope to depict in one painting.

The detail in the face of the Lady sitting at the Bistro would not have been possible in a scene this large in an oil painting.

Trompe l'oeil

February 27, 2017
by Elizabeth
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Trompe l’oeil – Digital Art

Trompe l’oeil – Digital Art

In the many renditions of “Woman In Red Hat” I noticed that I created a Trompe l’oeil – Digital Art piece. Trompe l’oeil  means “trick of the eye” which is the term for using imagery to create an optical illusion. The digital painting was to illustrate an article so the accidental Trompe l’oeil effect was taken out of the painting.

Trompe l'oeil - Digital Art

Which Flower is the One Being Painted and Which is the Still Life?

woman in red hat- Trompe l'oeil - Digital Art

I Made Changes to Seem Like She Is Painting on the Canvas!

An interesting positive to painting digitally is that I am able to save all the stages of a painting and reuse them for different purposes.

Girl Reading - Digital Art

February 21, 2017
by Elizabeth
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Girl Reading – Digital Art

Girl Reading – Digital Art

It has been an exciting journey learning how to use digital art while developing a style which can be seen in “Girl Reading – Digital Art”. The skill I learned in this drawing is the important use of the eraser tool. I smeared wide shapes of colour and retracted the colour with a eraser to create the shape of the hat. Moving the focus in and out of the drawing helped to guide perspective and to add detail. Since the digital art is used to illustrate articles I am now producing quickly to keep up with the demand. This is shaping the overall look of my digital art giving it a dreamy children’s book look.

Girl Reading - Digital Art