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Daisy Watercolour Painting

Daisy Watercolour Painting – The Common White Daisy and Feverfew Daisy

daisy watercolour painting

The Daisy is my favorite wild flower which is why I wanted to paint a daisy watercolour painting. It’s large yellow center and uniquely shaped leaves give it an elegant and wild look though is an underappreciated flower. Maybe because of it’s jagged leaves and that it grows wild next to weeds. However, it is that combination of wild and elegant that are what makes it attractive and relatable. It’s poetic mystery is endearing and familiar which is why I love the flower.

I depicted two different species of daisies. The common White Ox Eye Daisy which was imported from Europe and the Feverfew Daisy. I reflected the ray of petals in the background which creates the impression of a streaming divine light. This works to elevate the flower’s status from a weed to wild flower.

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