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oil painting gallery - Winter figurative oil painting

Oil Painting Gallery

Oil Painting Gallery – Elizabeth Reoch’s Original Oil paintings

My Oil Painting Gallery holds some of my favorite oil paintings. I have painted more paintings then I can count. Some are treasures that I place on my own walls and some are in the homes of other people, while others are stuck in storage because I can’t let them go since they hold sentimental and emotional value.

I was always naturally observing the different textures within landscapes and the designs the shadows would make on the walls, but I wanted to become a painter when I watched my grandmother paint landscape paintings from post card pictures. She was a self taught painter and painted for her own pleasure and the pleasure of her family. It was through her that I saw the magic of oil painting and believed that I could communicate my thoughts and feeling with art.

I picked up my grandmother’s oil paints that had been left untouched since her death, and started to explore with her paints. I was frustrated at first because I had no idea how to paint so I determinedly taught myself most of what I know about how to paint with oils by replicating Renoir and Monet’s master paintings. I copied their brush work and mixed colours until my colours matched the reds and blues of the impressionists but was lacking in an understanding of how to put together a composition and how to define perspective. I later learned all the technical and professional painting techniques in College and University but I know I learned to paint by exploring with my grandmother’s oil paints and intently observing the works of master painters.


Oil Painting Gallery – First Showing

These paintings in the oil painting gallery were done for my own interest and pleasure and have not been previously published. They are my own original oil paintings with personal and emotional value. I spent quite a few years in love with the idea of painting on raw wood, letting the wood grain be a part of the painting showing through in select areas of my painting.

oil painting gallery - Winter figurative oil painting

Winter figurative oil painting -Oil on Canvas


Oil Painting Gallery - Ice Storm Hikers

Ice Storm Hikers – Oil on Wood


oil painting gallery

Anger Observed -Oil on Canvas, Image Extension.


Oil Painting Gallery - Reflections of Logs in the Water

Reflections of Logs in the Water -Oil on Wood


Oil painting Gallery - two Trees

Two Trees – Oil on Wood





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