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painting flowers-acrylic art

Painting Flowers – Acrylic Art

Painting Flower Acrylic Art Tutorial

Become an expert in acrylic art. Step by step guide to painting flowers.

Innovative techniques for painting Flowers in Acrylic

Abstract Tulips

The natural patterns that I found when painting flowers drew me towards painting tulips because of their unique and uniform shape. This flower painting makes use of the vibrant and unique colours of acrylic paint.

painting flowers - acrylic art


In the Abstract Realism Tulip flower painting I focused my attention on the pattern that was created by the repeated shape of the tulip. The Secondary colours, orange, purple and spring green contrast. The perfect balance of the saturated orange,  purple and green exaggerates the contrast between each tulip. The red tulips on the top row with the hint of pink complement the other flowers. This adds an element of surprise to the composition with the  juxtaposition between the complimentary and contrasting colours.


painting flowers - acrylic art

Acrylic Art

When beginning an acrylic painting draw out a rough sketch to outline the compositional elements. Acrylic art paint drys quickly and does not allow for movement on the canvas. Make sure there is a plan for the painting before you begin to mix paint.



Carefully mix the colours on a disposable palette and add a gloss medium to extend the drying time of the acrylic paint.

flower painting - acrylic art


Block in the paint onto your flowers with a synthetic brush. With the addition of an acrylic medium the drying time will be extended so you can move the paint around and play with the texture of the paint.


Brush Techniques

The angled brush gives straight smooth lines that will imitate the look and feel of the lines of the grass and tulip flower’s stems.

flower painting - acrylic art


A flat square brush will blend and create large sweeping movements. Overlap one sweep of a dark colour with a lighter shade of the same color to add depth and perspective to your art.

Once the blocking in of the under painting is complete it is time to explore the highlights and shadows, add detail and character to the flower painting.

Painting Flowers

Every  piece of art will be different from another piece of art and with each painting an artist will try new areas of interest or new techniques. Listening to yourself and having fun will always end with a great piece of art. The thoughts and feelings an artist has while painting have a powerful effect on the color choices, the bravery of the gesture lines and the playfulness of the shadows. Painting is an expression and an extension of the emotions and thoughts of the artist.

painting flowers - acrylic art

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