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Painting Tutorials

Painting Tutorials – A step by step guide to painting with Acrylic Watercolor and Oil Paint.


Use my tutorials created from my collection of paintings. There are still life, abstract realism and landscape tutorials to inspire your imagination. Each tutorial takes you from the inspiration to the  sketches, under paintings brush work to my finished painting.


Spring Flowers, Yellow

Yellow Flower – Acrylic Painting Tutorial

how to paint a landscape

Landscape – Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Spring Floral Painting

Spring Blossoms – Acrylic Painting Tutorial







Pattern – Acrylic Painting Tutorial

Spring Flowers, Open Tulip

Abstract Flower – Acrylic Painting Tutorial

a painting of a sunflower done in acrylic paint

Sunflower – Acrylic painting Tutorial







Acrylic Painting Dancing Tulips

Tulips – Acrylic Painting

Reflections of Light, Duck Fishing

Duck Reflections – Oil Painting

Reflections of Light, Taking Flight

Bird In Flight – Oil Painting








Reflextions, Mr. Turtle Finished

Turtle – Oil Painting

The City, CN Tracks in Hudson

Train Tracks – Oil Painting

The City, The View from the Water Finished

Sail Boat – Oil Painting







The City, Cathedral

Figures – Oil Painting

Spring Flowers, Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms – Acrylic Painting

Spring Flowers, Orange finished (2) low pixles

Open Flower – Acrylic Painting


watercolor painting of butterfly

Watercolor – Blue Butterfly

Painting Trees in Watercolor

Painting Trees in Watercolor

Painting birch trees

Painting Birch Trees in Watercolor


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