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Trompe l'oeil

Trompe l’oeil – Digital Art

Trompe l’oeil – Digital Art

In the many renditions of “Woman In Red Hat” I noticed that I created a Trompe l’oeil – Digital Art piece. Trompe l’oeil  means “trick of the eye” which is the term for using imagery to create an optical illusion. The digital painting was to illustrate an article so the accidental Trompe l’oeil effect was taken out of the painting.

Trompe l'oeil - Digital Art

Which Flower is the One Being Painted and Which is the Still Life?

woman in red hat- Trompe l'oeil - Digital Art

I Made Changes to Seem Like She Is Painting on the Canvas!

An interesting positive to painting digitally is that I am able to save all the stages of a painting and reuse them for different purposes.

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