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Gallery Art

Gallery Art – Abstract Realist Artist Elizabeth Reoch


The gallery art of Elizabeth Reoch features oil and acrylic paintings which most are also in the tutorial collection. Elizabeth believes that presenting the steps in the process of a painting allows the viewer of the art to appreciate the intentions of the artist. Being able to gain a unique perspective or viewpoint on the painting. The viewpoint of the artist.
Nature is a popular subject for Elizabeth’s paintings for more then just the appreciation of its beauty. The inspiration for these works comes from humanities symbiotic relationship with nature. When observing nature we often find ourselves personifying it, using our observations to reflect thoughts and personal revelations. Applying the human qualities of loneliness to a flower when we see it’s petals drooping.  We allow nature to reflect our emotions and personalities. Art is created with those thoughts, thoughts that everyone experiences. Elizabeth’s paintings are a reflection of those thoughts and feelings emoted through nature.
Acrylic wild roses
poppies in acrylic paint


Poppie Flowers

Poppy Flowers

winter trees

Winter Trees

a painting of a sunflower done in acrylic paint


painting with acrylics - Golden Path

Golden Path

Taking Flight

Duck Fishing

Mr. Turtle

CN Tracks in Hudson

The View from the Water

The City on the Water


Floral Paintings

Paintings of Yellow Flower


Open Tulip

Cherry Blossoms

Gallery art - elizabeth Reoch

African Market

Gallery art - elizabeth Reoch


Gallert Art - elizabeth Reoch

Wild Flowers


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